Saturday, February 27, 2010

The morning after

So it's the morning after my small internal debate over giving up meat once again and all because of Food Inc.. Problem is, I had to go grocery shopping this morning and one of the local stores had grain fed turkeys on sale for .99 a lb. That's really cheap so how could I not buy one? a really big one? Turkey is my most favorite after all and like I said, it was cheap. So maybe I'll think about this again next week because that's about how long it will take to finish all of the leftovers. I should make my own documentary and call it 'Food guilt".

Dh and I were talking last night about how nice it would be to have a small hobby farm where we could keep some chickens and a few turkeys (free roaming of course) and a large garden. Maybe some fruit trees and a gazebo with grape vines that produce huge purple ones for jelly. Fresh eggs every morning and my very own herb garden in a small green house for use all year long. I already make trips to the farmers market a few times a summer for large quantities of peppers, tomatoes, basil and berries for preserving so I've got that part down pat. As for having a green thumb and feeding animals....well I'm a fast learner. I do have a dog you know.

Our Labradoodle Daisy

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