Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday baking

It's a chilly and damp Saturday afternoon. Perfect for staying inside and baking comfort food. I'm not sure why but I craved something hearty with seeds and nuts so I decided to use up my 9 grain mixture. First came the 9 grain muffins
and then since I no place to be most of the day, I made my bread. 2 loaves of whole wheat for the girls and 2 loaves of grainy bread for dh and I. I started making bread about 7 years ago, first in a bread maker (which never impressed me) and then in my fancy dancy kitchenaid which as far as I'm concerned is the best kitchen gadge of all time with only the fridge and stove beating it. I am now on my 2nd kitchenaid and not because the first was not also very excellent but because of was ugly. I bought the first one that hit the market which was factory grey metal and had no bells and whistles. After realizing about 2 years into owning it that I would never ever part with this appliance I decided to upgrade to the ferrari candy apple red one to match my kitchen.
I realize how non frugal and snobby this sounds but my old one went to a very good home and my new one is not only kitchen jewelry but it is used daily so money well spent I believe. Oops I digress again, I was talking about bread making. I'm a very good bread maker but I can't take all the credit which bring me again to the Kitchenaid. The hardest and trickiest part about making good bread in my humble opinion is the kneading and this machine does 90% of it for me. Not that I can't make bread without it but I do consider it to be my buddy in the kitchen. As I type the kitchen is filling up with the best smell in the world, fresh baked bread. This batch came out perfect but they don't always. Sometimes they are huge and overflow a bit and other times they come out heavy and dense. Either way the taste is like nothing you can buy in the supermarket and their slight imperfections go unnoticed in my kitchen.

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