Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking day

I got a little in over my head today in the kitchen. I do this on a regular basis where I plan to make a couple of things and then they somehow turn into a couple more things and then the cleaning and then the kids wanting lunch......and on....and....

I ended up making a full turkey dinner with sweet potatoes for the boy, baby carrots and peas, mashed potatoes for #1 child and couscous for #2 (I'll get into the separate feeding issues another time). I also did some whole wheat biscuits and luckily I already had an apple pie I'd made and frozen in Sept during apple season. In between all of this I had to roast my brussel sprouts for the week as well as a big salad. Felling quiet tired but on the bright side, the rest of the weeks meals are easy and relaxed with most of the prep work already done. I highly suggest doing this on Sunday for many reasons but I like being able to experiment with dishes during the week so if my salad and veggies are already done this it's easy to get adventurous with the main and not spend all night doing it. My stock is bubbling and I'm already contemplating our soup for the week. I'm thinking maybe a pea soup tomorrow and an asian one later in the week. We're all very excited about the men's Canadian hockey team winning tonight and now it's time to watch the closing ceremonies. Enough cooking for one day :)

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