Friday, June 4, 2010

blog apologies

When it comes to blogging...lazy people lose.    Dedicated Bloggers never miss a day and when they do it was planned and you were either already notified days in advance or if not then they will present a Dr's note along with an apology letter.   I am a lazy blogger.   I feel somewhat dedicated and can honestly say that the guilt was there each day that I missed but obviously not enough to follow thru.     I did however, consistently take pictures of everything I cooked/prepared and ate (mostly).    I am also in the process of changing web editors and making my blog look different in order to 'spice' things up a bit!  So enough with the excuses and on with the cookin!

 I calculate that I'm sitting right around the 50% raw diet mark now.  Lunch and dinner are almost always completely raw, breakfast is not (yet) and snacks are mostly.   Coffee is not raw and I can't see ever giving that up, wine, many condiments, and dinner out on the  weekends bring me to that 50% guess.   I've never had any intention of going 100% but I think I'll give myself a 75% goal to shoot for.     I'm also sitting on the vegan fence with only yogurt really stopping me, meat has seemed to go away on it's own and I pretty much gave up all other dairy products over the last year in an attempt to alleviate stomach issues.   All of this is is minor and not an issue at all since I really hate to label myself any ways, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lac to-vegan, Raw doesn't matter and I don't believe in cutting out a food that you love if it is not detrimental to your health and you have no ethical issues with it.    If for example I went all raw and at a dinner party the hostess/host served lasagna.....I would be polite and eat it (just as I've taught my kids).        I respect other peoples choices but I find being too strict puts me in a box and takes away my creativeness for trying new things.   So for now I'm cooking everything for 4 different people with 4 different ideas about food which is just how I like it!

Right now I constantly have 'butters' on the brain.  I can't wait to finish one jar before I experiment with another.
This is already my 2nd jar of coconut butter.  This stuff is my new obsession and it takes everything not to eat it with every meal.
This cashew butter didn't last long.....amazing!
Pecan butter is what we're finishing off right now.  It's not my favorite but I wouldn't say no to a 2nd serving!      This weekend I will be making the always favorite almond butter and a batch of peanut butter from raw peanuts I found at a specialty store.    Steve is always waiting for the next batch for his famous banana hot dogs.
Looks like we're finally going to have a nice weekend here in Edmonton so I am DEFINITELY planting my garden tomorrow and I'm very excited about checking out a farmers market as well!   Happy Friday!

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