Monday, May 24, 2010

Almond milk

Finally I've gotten around to making almond milk.   I love almond milk and I made the switch over from cow's milk almost a year ago in an attempt to cure my annoying tummy problems.    I was having the typical stomach ailments that so many women complain about to me like bloating, gas, diarrhea and cramps  and wanted to eliminate food slowly to find the culprit.      It actually took a long time to figure it out because I was never a big milk drinker so first I started with diet sodas.   That wasn't it but I never went back!  Then I tried yogurt but that didn't help and missed my homemade yogurt more than anything so thank goodness!   Next.....dare I say....I cut out broccoli and Brussels sprouts for 1 whole month!!     I'm happy to say that I continued to have incredibly uncomfortable symptoms and knew that these veggies weren't the the culprit.    Now, after cutting out cow's milk completely for almost a year I can honestly say that tummy problems are rare and bloating has almost been nonexistent.    Making it on my own is so easy that I can't believe I waited this long.
Soak 1 cup of almonds in enough water to cover them for about 6 hrs and refridgerate.   I actually did it for about 12 which also worked fine.   Drain the water and using a food processor or Vitamix, process almonds with 3-4 cups of water until smooth.  To this you could add a sweetener of your choice or some vanilla but I like it unsweetened.   Using a nut milk bag (which I ordered online) or you can just use cheesecloth, drain the liquid and squeeze the pulp until no more remains.    That's it!
I used 4 cups of water which made it quiet thin and not sweet at all but I prefer this because I really get the almond taste.
 I like it ice cold and next time I'm going to try chocolate!

This is the leftover almond meal which I dehydrated and froze.  I am going to save it up and then grind it into a flour once I have 4 cups or so.   This should be great in cookies or maybe crackers....or bread or.........any ideas?

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