Monday, March 1, 2010

Roll up the rim

Today is the first day of March break. Lord help me. It's 10:41 a.m. and my two girls, Alex and Josee have not come downstairs yet mainly because I told them not to until they've cleaned their room. Not rooms, just 1 room because I've agreed to let them sleep together during the break. The cleaning of 1 bedroom has now taken over 1 hour and my bet is, they are not even half done. Lord help me. I'm doing my best to help keep them busy this week since as a family we were unable to to take a vacation (which btw every single one of their friends is doing apparently). Today is also the first day of dh's last 2 weeks of work in Charlotte NC. Our house is sold and we're supposed to be out of here by Apr 29th so he is hoping his next contract will come through for Edmonton. Edmonton.....we'll see. All I know is that it's 4 degrees today and I can finally see an end to yet another winter. The snow is melting and the sun was coming up this morning at 6 a.m. which is very cool because for me the very worst part of winter is waking up in the dark...ugh. Another good sign spring is on it's way? tulips my all time favorite flower, this time of year I will have some color of tulip on my kitchen table at all times.

But the very best sign that spring is just around the corner??? It's roll up the rim time of course at Tim Hortons. Now my husband Steve and I will begin to donate about $3.40 a day to Canadians favorite coffee shop in hope of at least winning a free muffin for the next days visit. We probably spend about $100 during the month and maybe win 4 coffees and 3 donuts. I'm feelin the new car this year though.

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