Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Even though the boy is not here for Easter weekend I decided to get a turkey. Sadly when he's not around I really cook very little because my cooking is still mostly unappreciated by picky teenagers. I try to give them at least 1 protein, 1 kind of carbohydrate and 1 veggie (for Jo at least :)) but they still prefer it very simple and I have mastered that kind of cooking in about 15 min. Anything too exotic or God forbid ethnic will not get eaten so I tend to bread a lot of chicken, boil a lot of pasta and bake a lot of potatoes. Having a turkey here all week makes things simple and I can change it up as the week goes on. Tonight I'll make the open faced turkey sandwiches with gravy and leftover baked potatoes that I sliced and roasted until crisp.

We've already had turkey wraps for lunch and tomorrow night I'll probably make cheese and whole wheat pasta with turkey inside. I can happily eat it all week but after tomorrow's dinner I'll be pushing it with them. My goal of freezer and pantry purging is not easy with these 2 picky people but I'm still workin on it. I've had someone come and buy both of my freezers in the garage and promised him he could have one this week and one when we leave so my 'baking and bread' freezer is almost empty. Also the fridge freezer in the basement which is my pie and pesto freezer has only 1 apple pie left from the summer which Steve will be only too happy to eat when gets home this weekend. Yes I have a pie and pesto freezer :)

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