Friday, April 16, 2010

Kitchen sink bean soup

What a day!  I have not stopped and it's now 8 days until we fly to Edmonton but only 6 days until the house gets packed up.   I'm stressing and all over the place with packing, throwing out, donating, selling and still trying to feed everyone.    Now I'm just making stuff up to cook with whatever happens to be left and unfortunately there is a lot of food left!     I had a huge container from Costco of 9 bean mix so I'm making some thick soup and adding every spice or condiment I have left however bizarre they may seem.

 This time I have no recipe since I literally just tossed things in but the list goes like this,
2 large onions
dried garlic flakes
beans that I soaked for 3 hrs
1 1/2 boxs of chicken stock
3/4 of a large bottle of spicy clamato juice
1 ziploc bag of my last sun dried tomatoes
1 small ziploc bag of my last frozen pesto
dried oregano
chili powder
chipolte powder
2 cinnamon sticks
lots of cumin
salt n pepper

After letting this simmer for about 3 hrs I added tiny buffalo meatballs which were also well seasoned.

I served it with some sun dried tomato tortillas which I cut into strips and toasted.     A dollop of greek yogurt and some cheddar cheese.

The girl are having a sleepover going away party here  tomorrow night so I figured it was also a good way to finish off some baking ingredients.    I had 2 huge 72% dark chocolate baking bars in the pantry along with a jar of chocolate peanut butter (which strange enough wasn't a hit with anyone) so I made some cookies.      These are by no means even a bit healthy but with 8 little teenagers here all night, I think they will be appreciated.       Again I literally started throwing whatever I could get rid of into my kitchenaid and came up with a pretty good little cookie - super rich and I have a feeling there will be a LOT of milk consumed tomorrow night because these are pure little chocolate bombs!   The girls had a couple for dessert tonight and they a hit.......huge sigh of relief.    

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