Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A movie rant

Again since Steve is gone for 2 weeks the girls and I look for something to do on the weekends and like most people the first thing we come up with usually is a movie. We all decided to make a night of it on Thursday since they had no school the next day and I let them pick as long as Miley Cirus wasn't involved. Cut out Miley and anything restricted and The Hot tub time machine was all that was left. I had no idea what the movie was about and mostly pay no attention to the latest films so I told them to just make sure it was age appropriate. They checked and assured me that it was rated 13+ so off we went. About 10 min into the movie I was sinking deeper and deeper into my seat with the realization that I was a bad mother and I let my kids watch inappropriate movies. First of all ....I consider myself a 'cool' mother and encourage my kids to speak openly about all things controversial especially sex but I am disturbed that this movie has been rated 13+. It was one thing that I as their mother took them to the movie but the idea that I could have dropped them off at the theatre with a bunch of 13 yr old girlfriends to see this is nuts. Am I all of a sudden out of touch or are we becoming immune to letting the youngest teens be exposed to this kind of humor which involves extreme profanity and explicit sexual undertones. I hate saying 'when I was a kid' but when I was a kid I can't imagine this kind of movie being labeled 13 +. In all fairness, I should have done my homework better instead of trusting some organization to decide what is age appropriate for my kids because clearly I for one disagree. I did notice that if you read reviews of the movie online it is rated R but when listed on your theatre it reads 13+ ?? obviously not very regulated.

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