Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's Easter weekend and I decided to take the girls to Ottawa for the night. The boy is in Edmonton for 2 weeks working and looking for a house for us to live in and we were given a weather forecast of 24 on Friday and 28 on Saturday! I thought it would be a good chance to enjoy the weather and get the girls off of their computers for a while. I love Ottawa and it's only a 1 1/2 hr drive from us. After spending 2 hrs looking for a pet hotel to take Daisy to I finally gave up and instead found a pet 'friendly' hotel so that we could take her with us. I had planned on taking them to the Civilization museum but no dogs allowed so we pretty much just walked and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. The Parliament buildings are so fantastic to look at and I really feel proud to be Canadian whenever I see them up close, you would think they were built thousands of years ago and always remind me of being in London.

 We took a walk to the Byward Market and the girls found a bead shop where they were able to design and make their own bracelet, it was great because the store was also pet friendly and Daisy got tons of attention. She was a huge pain though and reminded me of how much work owning a dog can be, I was so envious of other people walking by with nice calm dogs doing what they were told. Finally we took her back to the hotel room and left her alone for an hour or so to grab some dinner. The next day we walked back to the market and had lunch on a terrace soaking in the sun, it's amazing how good that feels after a long cold winter spent indoors. So even though we couldn't go inside an do anything with Daisy, it turned out to be a really nice weekend.  On our way out we picked up some beautiful lilies which are my 2nd favorite to tulips!

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