Sunday, March 14, 2010


We have a specialty grocery store here in Montreal called Adonis. There are only 2 locations both around 30-40 min from me. One small store started out as a Greek grocer and grew into huge European grocers. I made the drive today in the pouring rain because it's Sunday and hopefully no traffic. There was traffic because of the rain and when I got there finally they turned off the lights so that we would all know it was time to get the hell out. I was so disappointed because not only had I driven 45 min to get there but I like nothing better than wandering around an ethnic grocers searching out anything new or different. Instead I literally jogged around the stored picking up a few items without much thought. I did however make it to the butcher and picked up 2lbs of shish tahouk (their specialty) and sliced marinaded filet mignon. I completely suck at cooking beef so I am really hoping at $10 a lb I can do something with the filet. I'm thinking of copying the sirloin salad at Baton rouge which happens to be my favorite. For dinner I had left over quinoa so I added some frozen peas and left over pesto cream sauce. I baked the shish tahouk and added a piece of spiced pita with it. It was a a good quick dinner.

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