Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cooking Light

Today I decided to start going through my cookbooks and saved Cooking Light magazines.

 The girls school raise money each Christmas by selling used cookbooks donated by the parents and this is where about 80% of mine have ended up this week. I thought it would be harder because my collection was fairly large but I really feel as if they've served me well and taught me most of what I know today. There was a time that I would sit for hours many nights simply looking over recipes and bookmarking what I would try in the following weeks. Trial and error were probably my best lessons. I'm happy to have someone else enjoy these books like I did. As far as the magazines go, well I'm not even sure why I held on to these for so long except that I always thought each one had a recipe that I would want to go back and get....but never did. Now I have about 100 for recycling. I don't do magazines anymore and I can't remember the last cookbook I bought because there are so many fun and well done websites for anything your heart desires about food and cooking. Would I buy another cookbook....definitely! but only if it was really pretty and looked good on the shelf in my kitchen.

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