Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pulled pork

I've skipped a few days. So many things seems to be happening at the same time. Why that surprises me is well...surprising. Our house is sold and we are to be out as of Apr 29th. Today I had the movers come over to give us an estimate and I am hoping above all that we can afford to send our vehicles and not have to drive the 3 days to Edmonton. That sounds like complete hell. Moving is hell though and I need to get it going. In the meantime....I'm still cookin and movin. yesterday I ran 2.5 miles at 6.5-8 mph and then did back. This was my 4th day of workouts with no break. We went to see Shutter Island last night (ugh) and then Baton Rouge for dinner, I had lots of protein and 1 glass of shiraz but when we got home I literally passed out feeling almost drugged I was so tired. I think a clear sign of over training so today I decided to take it easy and do some cookin. I'm making a pulled pork butt in the crockpot which will be cooking all night long. I really should have measured ingredients but when I started to de-fat the butt pork I realized that there was way more fat to cut off and way less meat and so the liquid marinade needed to be reduced. It's cooking right now so here is what I added
2 cans of diet root beer
2 medium chopped onions
5 cloves chopped garlic
1 tbsp dried mustard
1 tbsp cumin
2 tsp liquid smoke
2 tsp worcheshire
5 pickled jalapenos or 2 fresh
1/2 cup of lime juice
1 tbsp sea salt
1/4 cup splenda

We'll see early this morning it being 10 p.m. right now and I just turned it after 2 hrs. I'm worried there is too much liquid but I'm thinking I can make it into a yummy sauce tomorrow.

Fast forward and it turned out great!!     We've eaten it 2 nights in a row on buns with coleslaw and even Josee loved it - yay.

Ok so now my goal in the next month is to use up everything in my pantry and freezer. This may sound simple but this is no joke, I take my food storage very seriously meaning I have arranged both my pantry and cold room to be stocked in case of an ice storm, alien invasion , or a State of emergency. I think my family will survive it.

I've learned this food hoarding habit from my mother. I remember growing up and each Sunday dinner wandering which soccer team was showing up there was so much food. My mother had a good excuse for this because she came from a family of 14 and very little food ..... dinner was first come first served when there actually was dinner so she understandably overcompensated when she had her family. I simply copy what I know and what I know is that the more the better. A group of 40 roaming gypsies could show up hungry at my house on any given night and I would be able to throw together a 5 course meal in less that an hour. Of this I am proud. A funny moment on a visit to my moms home this christmas was when I was making Steve breakfast of poached eggs and toast. I decided to see if there was a can of baked beans to add as well and went downstairs to look in her 2nd set of pantries and I couldn't find any. I made the mistake of asking her and she proceeded to scour the cupboards and finally gave up in disbelief of there being no beans. I could tell she had let herself down because any good grocery store - or pantry would have this simple staple. The funny thing is, I am almost positive that she would have made a trip to costco for the pack of 12 cans as soon as we left, just in case......

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