Thursday, March 11, 2010


I could talk cookin forever.....but this is cookin and movin so lets talk movin. I try to move every day but I haven't always. As a kid and a teen I was very inactive. It took 2 pregnancies 17 months apart and 60lbs with each one enough to convince me that a little activity might help with the weight gain and body changes happening. My first gym membership that I actually used was when Josee was 3 months old and I did some research on the best centers with daycares. I ended up at a very small and very old YMCA in Oakville, Ontario. The main level had 1 small room for the daycare which I was initially worried about but there were 2 sisters running it who were great with the girls. The gym was deep in the basement and had 3 treadmills, 2 stair steppers and 2 recumbent bikes. The weight room was tiny with only a few machines and a set of bars and dumbbells. That didn't matter though because I had no idea what to do with free weights and spent about 10 min in total on weight training any ways. My goal was to do as much cardio as I could to lose the baby fat. I went every single day during the week and this where I began to run. I remember the pain and the discomfort most, 5 min of straight jogging was my goal and it took months for even that (seriously). I would have quit the whole idea of running altogether if it wasn't for this older couple who were there every morning with me. They were about 60-65 years old and both of them would run at what I thought was lightening speed for what I thought was 2 hours, but it was about 20-30 min. Then they would get on the stair stepper for another 20-30 min. I was in awe of them but they also shamed me into not giving up. I was 28 and pathetically out of shape. I think of them all the time and wander if all that exercise has kept them healthy now 12 years later putting them at around 75 years old. I hope so. I'm still not a good runner but I'm consistently not a good runner and that's better than not running at all as far as I am concerned.

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