Thursday, March 11, 2010

Left alone

Today was the first day in weeks that I was all alone at home (except for Daisy). The kids are back to school after March break and Steve was in NY on a business trip. I liked it. It was nice. I especially love my morning coffee and protein bar. I watch Good morning America and get caught up on U.S. news. Not really sure what's going on in Canada but only because our morning show Canada A.M. is well....lame and right now most of our news is lame. Apparently some cabinet minister has spent $3100 of our tax money last year at Tim Hortons. As infuriating as that's not newsworthy and it's laughable how ridiculous our Gov't is.

I had to pick up the girls and some of their friends for an overnight retreat in leadership and on the way I was listening to XM satellite radio Fox news. Just to be clear....I am not a fan of Fox anything but ended up here for some reason. It caught my attention because it was a story on a law trying to be passed by some member of Gov't regarding salt use in the restaurant industry. this guy is trying to get a bill passed in order to prohibit NY chefs from adding salt to their dishes. I had to keep listening because whenever I start yelling at radios and other electronics then it means I have a problem with something I'm hearing. This guy Oritz wants it banned in NY restaurants. Here's an article

This could be a really really long blog but I'll make it short, how ridiculous to to tell some of the top food artists in the world how to cook their food! We drive to the restaurant, we order at the restaurant and we eat at the restaurant. None of this is done under duress so give me a break and let people decide what they want to order, eat and pay for. I could go on but I won't.

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