Thursday, May 20, 2010

Butters Oh my!

I've had a bit of an epiphany today.....butters can be made from something other than nuts!    really.. yes it's true and it's amazing!    Thanks to I have discovered the most delicious, sinful, creamy and healthy new condiment ever!   I am a huge coconut fan and cook with it regularly so when I saw this recipe I knew instantly that it must be awsome!      it was....
Go to Heathers site for the recipe but here is my beautiful little jar that I mistakingly put in the fridge went rock hard so now it's in the cupboard which is fine because it will not last long.    

I put this on my breakfast cookie warm this morning and it was YUM.    So yum in fact that I wanted it for lunch and dinner today because I couldn't stop thinking about it.    Coconut butter is my new favorite find fo sho!
We eat a lot of nut butter in my house, always have and I don't know what I would have done without peanut butter when the kids were growing up.  Peanut butter and toast for breakfast, peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch and when dinner wasn't a hit (especially with Alex :)) then it was back to pb and toast.  I think of all those years of worrying and stressing about my picky eater surviving on whole wheat  bread, peanut butter and milk and today she stands at almost 5'9" and wears an 11 shoe!!         Maybe it was the peanut butter?     Today I finished off the almond butter so I  made Steve's favorite,  cashew butter.  

This is heaven on a spoon.  Note*  I use salted cashews and nothing else but you can use unsalted and you can also add a bit of oil to make it thinner and creamier.   

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