Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coffee again!

I've been frantically emptying boxes and wracking my brain around where to put everything.    The first place I tackled of course was the kitchen and while emptying boxes I had 3 things on my mind, first the kitchenaide - check!   2nd the Saeco (coffee machine) - check! and 3rd the knife block. knife block and with it, no knives.    Now it's unclear as to whether my knives were taken by the Edmonton movers and God forbid.....lost  :(  or if the movers that took things to be stored in Montreal grabbed them unknowingly and they're safe and sound in a warehouse.     Which ever way this goes they are not with me and that sucks!      There is probably nothing more important in a kitchen (in my opinion) then good sharp knives and without them I've pretty much just been hacking away and beating up my poor veggies.   On the bright side.....time to knife shop and I will say that there is no lack of shopping here in Edmonton.    Now in my quest to sound more positive, this morning was the first time in 17 days that I did not buy a coffee because I happily was able to make my own!   Not that I didn't love every single Venti bold's from Starbucks but I do love my homemade brew even more.  

I'm also loving my fiber cookies with almond butter and The green Monster is getting better and better. This morning I added my recently unpacked Matcha tea powder which blends in nicely being all green and stuff!    I added some coconut and ginger this morning and skipped the cinnamon - thinking Jamaican flavors?       
I made a snack right after breakfast of 'ants on a log' with almond butter and raisins.  

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