Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greens greens greens

In my never ending quest to get in more leafy green veggies (yuck) I'm excited to say that I have now found 2 really delicious ways to incorporated them painlessly and even deliciously!  (is that a word?)   I eat tons of fruits and vegetables but I've always had a nagging voice (my own) telling me that I need to figure out these leafy green issues, and I think I have.    My new favorite spinach shake and now I have Kale chips  I would love to say I came up with this but nope I did not.  

I've been running around all morning so when I finally got home I was starving and wanted something quick so leftovers it was.   Last night for dinner I made veggie rice wraps with leftover salad ingredients.  Usually when I do these I add mango and big pieces of shrimp or torn cooked chicken but I was making Steve catfish and didn't want to cook anything extra.  They're great any way you do them and you can literally add anything you like.  On the other  hand I had cucumbers, sugar snap peas, red and yellow peppers, jalapenos and fresh cilantro.

  After soaking your rice paper in hot water until soft, place all veggies in the middle and start to roll like a burrito, when you get 1/2 way fold in the outside and continue to roll.

These suckers dry up super fast so I lined my Tupperware with damp paper towels and covered them with one as well.
For the kale chips I followed the above links recipe using a bit of Parmesan and some cayenne if you like heat and I skipped the olive oil and sprayed some pam instead.    They are SO good.
I added a green shake with lunch today because the meal contained no protein.   Today's shake had spinach, chocolate almond milk, chocolate protein powder, flax, psyllium, cinnamon, 2 probiotic capsules and some stevia.      Loved it!

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