Friday, May 14, 2010

Charging the camera

Remember when I said unpacking went well and all I seem to be missing was my knife block?  well I spoke too soon because as it turns out my camera charger was also left behind and with no charger eventually comes no camera blog!    I guess I still could have but really talking about what I cooked and not 'proving' it would make me feel like a cheater.    So now I'm days behind and in these last few days I've received my new Vita mix (which I have been wanting for a year now).   Very excited about this new appliance and pretty much obsessed with it right now, so much so that I dreamt of making a smoothy last night which I then added a whole fish to...guts and all!!    mmmm, fish and spinach protein shake.   
I also enjoyed a nice mothers day and received this beautiful painting that the girls did (with a little help from Steve:)).   Tulips are my favorite flower and this way I'll have them forever.  It goes perfectly right over my new mixer.
And just as I started to feel connected to the world again.....I dropped my phone in the toilet (sigh).   Today I've had a hard time organizing my thoughts without it because I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to function properly on my own, not so much the telephone part but the notes, and calendar and shopping lists and......I actually had to carry a notepad around with me today - how archaic!     This week I also decided to start sprouting again and I'm trying a new way of using a bag instead of my plastic sprouter plates (they always seem to mold this way).    Hopefully the bag will give me better results.    I also have the handy mason jar in action which almost always succeeds but just never harvests enough I don't think.

 These are broccoli sprouts after about 2 days but I'll get more into sprouting later.
This bag has 2 cups of mixed seeds in it and I just hang it from the side of my cupboard, you can see it draining into the bowl.     I hope this works!  I'll let you know in 2 more days I hope.
Since this is National salad week I had a big one today for lunch with left over falafels (I had no camera for these but I make them all the time so report back!).    I had a whole head of romaine here with some left over hummus and pumpkin.

This little cracker is from Lydia's Organics which I ordered online and they're super good, very dense and flavorful , I could eat the whole bag.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have as nice weather this weekend as we're supposed to get here in Edmonton!

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